Our Vision

We produce a complete range of premium grade cosmeceutical skin care  products  based

on biotechnology with marine ingredients, available in retail and professional sizes.

Bleu & marine professional treatment line rooted in the 100 years - old tradition of  French

thalassotherapy and marine - based products, still continues today, with the relevance and

efficiency being maintained via a policy of perpetual innovation.

Bleu & marine Bretania is a line of luxurious, professional - grade  skin care  products  that 

we have designed to combat the signs of aging and the stresses of modern life, and at  the 

same time, stimulate our senses and lift our spirits.

Our vision was to create an active, premium grade cosmeceutical anti-ageing skin care line 

that really works and is pleasant to use.

As a result, bleu & marine Bretania products have a unique combination of cutting-edge scientific ingredients, as well  as  the  comfort  of nature. Comments from our customers are telling us that we have succeeded...they are finding the products to be luxurious and inspirational, that they are lovely to use and, most important, that they consistently give a great result.

What makes bleu & marine's products different?
It is the synergy of our ingredients that  sets  us  apart  and  delivers  results  day  after  day.  Our  unique  formulations  contain  seaweed extracts but also potent peptides, rare herbal extracts, aromatherapy-quality oils, vitamins and gemstone extracts.

Their "construction" has involved many complicated technologies. We incorporated nano, bio and  peptide  technology- all to make sure to deliver maximum benefits for your skin.

An exceptional opportunity for spas to add a second major line to their operations or to painlessly make the transition  from  an  existing line to the high performance world of bleu & marine. The line offers such amazing results in  such  a  wide  variety  of  skin  care  categories (anti-ageing, lightening & complexion tone  equalization,  hydra-conditioning  moisturizing,  protection / prevention,  contouring,  bath  & body comfort) that we wanted spas to be able to see the results for themselves. This meant giving therapists  the  chance  to understand what makes bleu & marine different and why their concepts of real-time versatility and performance are so important.

This line is not about mass marketing of empty promises, it is about results for spas interested  in  empowering  their  therapists  to  offer their clients the very best in contemporary spa care.

Our Philosophy

These three concepts elegantly summarise the underlying philosophy of bleu & marine.
More than a simple list of high quality products, Bleu & marine is a concept encompassing the development of innovative face  and  body care protocols and new product application techniques.


We are a "traditional-contemporary" French skin care line committed to synergising traditional marine-based thalassotherapy know-how with skincare traditions from the four corners of the world.

Inspired by the idea that life is a never-ending  series  of  new  beginnings,  bleu & marine's  full  line of  professional  and  retail  product  is designed to offer visible retail-time results, promoting confidence and a genuine sense of well-being.

Our Expertise


Our Commitment

No Paraben or Phenoxyethanol
No use of mineral oils
Use of natural or natural identical preservatives
Professional Marine Skin Care

Not tested on animals

Our Strength

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